Oliver Mellors

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Pure silk turquoise long neckband cravat. Perfect for wearing under the shirt collar tied with a single or double knot.
Available two different models: the one with wide neck-band and narrower blades is the best for everyday wearing, the model with narrow neck-band and wide blades is also suitable for tying with a festal scrunchy knot.
Please choose your favourite model and write your preference to the notes box (in checkout page).
See also the video How to tie a cravat.
Match your cravat with an appropriate
Free gift with this product – cravat pin with white bead!

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Material: 100% silk.
  • model with wide neck-band and narrow blades: total length 139 cm, width 15 cm, therefrom neckband length 39 cm, neckband width 5 cm.
  • model with narrow neck-band and wide blades (suitable for scrunchy knot): total length 139 cm, width 19 cm, therefrom neckband length 41 cm, neckband width 3 cm.

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