About Us


We created the brand Prima Cravatta, because our vision is to make the comeback of gentlemen’s historical necktie – the cravat, to introduce this comfortable and stylish product to the Estonian market, in order to offer a trend conscious man the opportunity to wear a fascinating and attractive alternative instead of the traditional and sometimes also boring ordinary tie.

Recently we designed the cravat as well for women and soon we hope to design it so that it suits also for children. The idea to establish such a company came from a purely everyday experience when it became clear that such a product cannot be bought anywhere in Estonia.


The company’s mission is to offer a tasty, yet unique selection of goods made of a quality raw material using professional know-how and skills, which would clearly be distinguished from the providers of fast fashion. When marketing the goods, our priorities are creating a visually enjoyable and also not too complex homepage and ensuring a friendly and fast service taking into account the customer’s needs.
All of our production has been made in Estonia as handmade. The textiles are of quality and come mostly from Italia, as well as partly from Estonian textile stores.


The company’s team is small yet brisk: Kristel deals with marketing and sales and Irene’s field of activity is product development and sewing. Merle also helps with sewing work.


We also do commission if the customer does not find a suitable product in our shop. It is also possible to order (also from the customer’s material) self-tied or ready-tied groom ties.


Ask more about commission: info@kravatt.ee.

You can find our contact here.

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